Columbus Food Scene

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via Columbus Crave:
Hot alcoholic beverages are my favorite way to warm up in the winter. They make you feel warm and fuzzy just like regular cocktails, while simultaneously phsyically warming up your hands, etc. And I’ve become especially fond of Hot Toddies, a classic drink typically made with whiskey, hot water and spices.

via Columbus Underground

"Based just on my one quick visit, I would say that Sage is still a top notch destination for Sunday brunch, and the crowd of customers waiting for tables reinforces that notion. Every dish I tasted was top notch, though service seemed a little overwhelmed by the crowd and often moved at a leisurely pace."

via Breakfast with Nick

"I liked the cinnamon sugar topping on the cinnamon bagels, and I’m always a fan of a good sesame bagel. The ease of ordering and delivery may make Sammy’s Bagels a household staple; this will be particularly handy when we’ve got family visiting."